Using specific commands in chats

Mercato provides a powerful chat feature that allows users to interact with the app by issuing commands using the '/' symbol at the beginning of their messages. Commands are designed to perform specific actions within the listing chat, such as sending specific messages, finalizing requests, and more. This flexible approach allows users to customize their interactions with the marketplace and each other based on their needs.

To use a command, simply type the '/' symbol followed by the command keyword in your message. The app will automatically recognize the command and execute the corresponding action. The commands available in the chat app depend on the specific chat you are in, and may vary based on the context of the conversation.

Commands are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, providing a convenient way to interact with the app and perform various tasks without having to navigate through menus or buttons. Users can easily discover and use commands to enhance their experience and streamline their interactions with Mercato.

Examples of commands that can be used in Mercato's chats include:

  • /share_address: Share listing address (for pickup purpose, etc.).
  • /buy_now: Let lister know that you want to buy right now.
  • /create_invoice: Create an invoice for the user.
  • etc.

Please note that the availability of commands may vary depending on the specific listing and its settings. Users are encouraged to explore and experiment with commands to discover the full range of capabilities offered by Mercato.

With the powerful command feature, the chat app empowers users to interact with the app in a flexible and customizable way, making it a powerful tool for communication and collaboration. Enjoy the convenience and versatility of commands provided by Mercato!