Frequently asked questions

Is this service free?

Yes, Mercato is a free-to-list marketplace. To start creating listings, you just need to register an account with us.

Do you store my personal data?

We never ask you for a identification information such as your name or any other identification details. You can provide your contact details to us voluntarily, of course, but this is applied only in cases when you choose to do so (e.g. email address when registering or phone number if you wish to be contacted over the phone).

Are any of the listed items owned by Mercato?

No, all the items listed on this marketplace are the entities being owned by users of Mercato. Mercato does not own them in any way. You are buying the items from their direct owner, who has chosen our platform as a place for expressing their offer.

What is a Mercato Offer?

Mercato Offer is a listing, created by one of our users to advertise an item they own. This can be either a free item if they are willing to give it for free or it can involve which is left at the owner's discretion.

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What is a Mercato Request?

Mercato Request is useful when you do not see an item or service on our marketplace pages, but you know that someone might offer that to you if you provide the proper details. In that case, Mercato Request will give you a chance to reach those people.

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How can I filter free litsings on Mercato?

Go to the main page and locate Price filter in the Filters section (left on desktop or top on mobile) where you can see two number inputs: `From` and `To`.
Type 0 in `To` input. This will filter all the listings which have zero maximum price. Effectively, that would display only free items on Mercato.

Can I list an item without registration on Mercato?

Sorry, we do not currently supply availaility to list an item on our marketplace without the registration. Check back later, that might change in the future :)

Why cannot I request more phone numbers in listings?

Mercato takes the privacy of sellers and buyers seriously. Because of that, we implemented the contact details request quotas (per 24 hour period), so one person cannot collect multiple phones from Mercato for other reasons.

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Why cannot I log in?

There might be numerous reasons for this, but most popular ones are are per the list below:

  • You might not be registered yet. Yes, sounds unlikely, but with the growing number of services, this is actually a valid point :). The good news is that it is easy to fix - just initiate the registration from the top-right corner on this page;
  • The password is incorrect - check your keyboard, Caps lock, numpad (if you use one);
  • The email is incorrect - check the spelling of the email;
  • Check that you are logging in with the same method you used during the registration (e.g. if you registered at Mercato with Google, you should login with Google as well);

I cannot register... Why?

There might be numerous reasons for this, but most popular ones are are per the list below:

  • You might have been registered already - in that case, just initiate the login process in the top-right corner on this page;